Gionee Xender For PC / Laptop Download

If you are looking for a reliable way to transfer big files from PC to your smartphone or vice versa, then you will have to download gionee xender on your PC and laptop. This is the best way to transfer large files between two devices.

In this post, I am going to share the best way to download gionee xender and install it on your Pc. So, this post is all about Xender for PC. If you want to run Xender on PC, then you should not worry because it is supported to run on almost every PC. There is a PC version of xender, which is named as “Xender web on PC“. With the use of Xender web, you can transfer files between two computers or two smartphones. In this post, we are showing you the exact procedure to run Gionee Xender on PC.

Gionee Xender on PC / Laptop

  • First of all, you have to start the Xender app on your smartphone. After that, we can proceed to run Gionee Xender on PC.

  • Once you start the Gionee Xender on your smartphone, Press that huge Red “Plus (+)” radio button on lower right of the screen and choose “Connect PC” Option.

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  • Now, you’ll get an option to choose from “Connect by Scanning QR Code” and “Connect by Wi-Fi hotspot”. Choose the second option, which is “Connect by Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  • Now, your smartphone will create a Wi-Fi hotspot and display a web URL. You just have to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot from your Laptop and enter the exact URL in your web browser. Here, any web browser will work fine.

  • After entering the address, the Xender app on smartphone will ask for authorization, choose on “Accept” and you’ll be able to access xender on PC and Xender on Laptop without any worries. Now, you can share and receive files from your smartphone to your PC.

Run Xender App On PC

So, these was the brief tutorial on how to use Gionee Xender on PC or Gionee Xender on Laptop. If you follow this tutorial correctly, then you can easily transfer file between smartphone and PC without any worries via Xender for PC. If you are interested in such more interesting tricks about Xender app on PC, then keep following us.

How to Use Xender on PC without Bluestacks

Xender on PC without Bluestacks:-

The name of Xender is becoming very strong in the market of instant file sharing apps. The Xender is one of the most advanced and fastest file sharing app between smartphones, But, with the grace of technology and the Xender team, We can now use it to transfer files to PC without any problem. So, we are showing you a brief tutorial of using Xender on PC without Bluestacks.

To use Xender on PC without Bluestacks, you need to have a PC or laptop with Wi-Fi receiver. If you don’t have external Wi-Fi receiver to your Desktop, then you cannot use it. So, make sure you have a PC or Laptop which is able to receive Wi-Fi signals. This trick of Running Xender on PC without bluestacks can be performed on Any Laptop with any operating system. So, here is the brief tutorial about Using Xender app on PC without Bluestacks.

Use Xender on PC without Bluestacks

To use Xender on PC and share files instantaneously from smartphone to your PC, you need a smartphone which has latest version of Xender installed. Please make sure that the version is latest. If you have the old version of this app, then update it from Google Playstore. Also, you need a PC or Laptop which has Wi-Fi receiver. Also, it is necessary to have any of the popular web browser to start accessing the Xender on PC and start sharing files.

  •  First of All, open the Xender app on your smartphone and tap that “Red Plus” button. After tapping, you ‘ll be asked to Create or Join a group. Below that, you have a option to “Connect PC”. Tap on that.
  •  Now, you’ll see a new page where you have to enable sharing through Hotspot. Tap on that “Wi-Fi signal” hover button and it will create a new Wi-Fi hotspot.
  •  Now, search for the Wi-Fi network created by Xender app from PC. After you find it, connect to it. Now on your Xender app on smartphone, you’ll be asked to enter a specific web address in web browser on PC. Start any popular web browser on your PC and enter those address details and click ENTER.
  • Now, you’ll have to give confirmation of Connection from Xender app on smartphone and from PC web browser. After confirming from both sides, you can share files easily within smartphone to your PC.


So, this was the tutorial to run Xender app on PC without Bluestacks. This is the great way to transfer large files from one device to others. The Xender app will mark itself as one of the best Data sharing app on smartphones.

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Download Xender For PC – Windows XP/7/8/10

Gone the days when you were waiting to receive large files via bluetooth. The bluetooth technology is very much outdated nowadays. These days, everyone started using instant file sharing apps on their android smartphones. Just like Xender app. If you want to use Xender on pc, then  you have to follow this guide on download xender on PC to use it properly.

The Xender is an instant file sharing app which enables high speed file sharing between two smartphones. With this app, you can share heavy files such as movies and games within seconds. If you want to run this app on your PC, then you should further read this post about Xender for PC. So, here is the detailed post about using Xender app on pc with Windows XP/7/8/10 and more.

download xender on pc

Download Xender for PC windows XP/7/8/10/8.1 :-

To download xender on PC, you need to install any popular android emulator. The android emulator is nothing but the application which can run android applications on your PC.The one we recommend is Bluestacks Android Emulator. Download the Bluestacks emulators online installer from here.

After downloading bluestacks online installer, you need to run it and download the complete installer of bluestacks. As bluestacks offers only online installer, you need to have Internet connection to download and install it. Once installed, you can run it anytime you want,

Use Xender on PC XP/7/8/10

After installing Bluestacks in your PC, you have to open it. Now, you can easily download Xender on PC and use it without any hassle.  Follow below procedure to Download Xender on PC and enjoy high speed instant file sharing between two devices.

  • 1) Open bluestacks.
  • 2) There, you’ll see a ‘Play Store’ icon. Open it and Search for ‘Xender app’.
  • 3) Now, click on ‘Install’ and accept all. It will start downloading. 
  • 4) After successful installation, open the app and run it. Now, you can use Xender on PC to receive and send large files to other devices with Xender installed.

  • Verdict:-

So, this is the way, by which you can install and download the Xender on PC and use it to transfer files with lightening fast speed. If you found any problem with the installation of Xender on PC with bluestacks, you can comment here and share your problem with us. We will be happy to solve it. If you loved this post on  downloading xender on PC, then share it on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.